Architectural Projects:

Lechmere Station/Media Center (MIT, understudy)
One City Center – Largest Proposed Green Roof in Midwest (Tao+Lee Assoc, St. Louis)
Cafe Balaban’s (Tao+Lee Assoc, St. Louis)
Webster Residence, Historic Renovation (Tao+Lee Assoc, St. Louis)
Larmark Ad Agency (Tao+Lee Assoc, St. Louis)
New New Orleans – master planning of Post-Katrina New Orleans (Washington University in St. Louis)
Dough Gallery – Live, Work, Gallery (Washington University in St. Louis)

Product Design:


Bullet Necklace By
FaceCouch | Beter known as,

Bierber Couch, Marilyn Couch, Colbert Couch, Simpson Couch, Gaga Couch, Alice in Wondercouch. Put your mom’s dog on her couch. Email me.

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