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@UrbanOutfitters — Need a Colbert Couch for that Colbert Shirt? Yes… Yes you do.

Yesterday, Urban Outfitters announced a deal with Stephen Colbert and John Stewart to start selling apparel Urban Outfitters is missing out. Why wear a miniature likeness, when you can sprawl out comfortably all over his face? Not A Shirt, Colbert Couch Available on Etsy over 20,000 views. Sit on Stephen Colbert’s Face     Recently […]

Bill Gates sells $500m worth of Stock

Bill Gates doesn’t recieve more shares of Microsoft as compensation–Over the last few years his holdings have been steadily decreasing as he sells 1-2 million shares every several weeks. But recently, he sold 20 million shares, valued at about $500M. Why? Bill Gates investing in LinkedIn? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has around $33B […]